India / Pak Cricket match’s 2nd side..


મારા મિત્ર શ્રેયસિંહ ગોહિલ તરફ થી મળેલ ઈમેલ અહી પ્રદર્શિત કરું છું. તમારી ટીકા- ટીપ્પણી તમે બ્લોગ માં રજુ કરી શકો છો.

Im not a cricket fan however its not that i hate cricket..
There are some things I would like to share about cricket when it comes to India/Pak Cricket Match..

We have always looked at Pak as our brother nation.. however, Pak doesnt take us in same way.
Most of the Pakis see Indians as their biggest enemies.
They train terrorists in their camps and then send them to India for killing our people.
They would break border rules and kill our soliders any time they want. All they have is hatred in their hearts for us.
Last year they send Kaasab to India and we know what he did.

Now the thing is, are we so stupid that we dont understand what they are doing to us.
They kill our mens on border and inside our country and our cricket players play with them. We arrange their stays in 5 star hotels, pay them money and respect, etc.
Are they gonna change with such polite behaviour of ours.

Im never in favor of Bal Thakrey but I liked what he said this time.
Indian Govt’s NEXT step must be >> Make arrangements for Kaasab and Afzal Guru at Mohali stadium so they can also watch the cricket match with their fellow country’s players.

The question is shall we play cricket with the country who takes India as his enemy and would go to any extent to hurt us ?

One thought on “India / Pak Cricket match’s 2nd side..

  1. Agreed, we should cutoff every relation that does not bring any love, cut off political/game/ music/bolly wood relationship with them.
    Being an indian citizen try to bring curruncy in cash like Rahat ali did & see how they treat you. All politicians are chicken.
    Big scam, kasab ko aaram aur aam aadami who r they?

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